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  • Meek Mill – “Levels” Lyrics

    Meek Mill – “Levels” Lyrics

    Lyrics by Meek Mill – “Levels”  [Intro: Meek Mill] See its brackets nigga Them hoes ain’t fucking you cuz you ain’t in that bracket nigga Learn life, its levels to this shit young boy Ay O […]

  • Nipsey Hussle – “Face The World” Lyrics

    Lyrics by Nipsey Hussle – “Face The World”  [Intro] When all dreams… seem to die… The summer’s gone… the breeze stops blowing… The sun just leaves the sky… [Verse 1] Yeuh – this your life, you […]

  • Lupe Fiasco – “Animal Pharm” Lyrics

    Lupe Fiasco – “Animal Pharm” Lyrics

    Lyrics by Lupe Fiasco – “Animal Pharm”  [Verse 1] Quiet as a kitten Reply as silent as a Raphael-given instrument for stickin’ Or maybe riot as a lion Would he tie in tiger for attention? Tiggers […]

  • Wale – “Love Hate Thing” Lyrics

    Wale – “Love Hate Thing” Lyrics

    Lyrics by Wale – “Love Hate Thing”  [Hook] Hold me tight, let me go In my heart, in my soul Let em go, break me down Hate me small, make me fall Give me love, take it all away… […]

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