Official Music video by DUBB “Want You Back”…

ABOUT D.U.B.B. – “Determined – Unique – Beyond – Belief”

DUBB’s lyrical abilities and versatility has created him as having the reputation of being the best rapper to step out of South Central Los Angeles. His impact on the music game has subsequently spread his name to international music markets with his music being widely received in countries such as; UK, Germany, The Netherlands and Canada. Prominent hip-hop media such as XXL Mag, Urbanology Magazine, Yo! Raps Magazine, and Hip Hop Canada are acknowledging DUBB’s talent and many foresee him to be the next to blow.

For more information or interest in scheduling an interview with DUBB, please reach out to us, Shyan “Chippy” Ellis and Adam “Eazy” Licea, at | (347) 775-8377 and we will schedule accordingly.

DUBB – Want You Back [Official Video]
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