Mixtape by Young Thug “1017 Thug”

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Mixtape Tracklist
1.Young Thug-Yeah Yeah Feat OG Boo Dirty Heavy Prod By Nard B
2.Young Thug-2 Cups Stuffed Prod By Super Mario
3.Young Thug-Ball Feat OG Boo Dirty Prod By Memphis Track Boyz
4.Young Thug-I m Fo Real Prod By Dun Deal
5.Young Thug-Jungle Feat Gucci Mane Prod By C4
6.Young Thug-Scared Of You Prod By Lex Luger
7.Young Thug-Murder Prod By Nard B
8.Young Thug-Nigeria Feat Gucci Mane PeeWee Longway
9.Young Thug-Dead Fo Real Feat PeeWee Longway Prod By TM 88
10.Young Thug-Condo Music Feat Wicced Prod By Nard B
11.Young Thug-Patna Dem Feat PeeWee Longway
12.Young Thug-Picacho Feat Maceo Prod By Jay Neutron
13.Young Thug-Trigger Finger Prod By C4
14.Young Thug-Picture Baby Prod By Super Mario
15.Young Thug-Shooting Star Feat Gucci Mane
16.Young Thug-Miss U
17.Young Thug-Tabernacle Prod By KE On The Track
18.Young Thug-Why Order Prod By 808 Mafia
19.Young Thug-THUG Feat Runts Prod By Nard B
20.Young Thug-F ck With It Feat Young Scooter

Mixtape: Young Thug “1017 Thug” [Listen/Download]
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